image Nars Ita Brush ***scroll down for the Ita brush update***

Nars Ita Brush

Well by now you are probably all familiar with the term contouring as it relates to putting on your makeup. However some of you still may be left wondering why you should be doing it.
Here’s the deal…contouring uses shades of makeup (could be foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush or a contour color) that are darker than your skin tone to make the place on your face that you apply it to recede. Yep…recede…as in look farther away! Contouring creates a fake shadow on your face, so you can give the illusion that your face is thinner, your cheekbones are more prominent or even that your nose is thinner and sleeker.
It’s brilliant and I for one don’t leave the house without contouring my face! Thank you fake cheek bones!
Nars has one of the best and easiest tools out there to create fool proof shadows in all the right places on your face! The Ita brush does it all in a few simple steps.
Here’s the problem…the brush is a cult classic, holy grail brush in the makeup world and is sold out everywhere. So much so that Nars has taken it off their website. So, everyone in beauty land is scrambling to find the perfect dupe for the Ita brush…knowing full well those other brushes are going to fall short!
But guess what beauty lovers…I found the brush!!!! Yep that’s right! And because I’m so kind I am going to share my secret with you!
The Nars Boutique on Melrose in LA has them! Yep they have a handful squirled away and in stock! And the best part is that you can call them order it over the phone and they will ship it to you! Yep!!! I even heard they are offering free shipping if you order 75.00 or more in  products!  So starting Jan 15th you can add one of the brand new spring 2014 items to your order!!! Yep! You’re welcome!!
To order the NARS Ita (55.00) or the Yachio brush (50.00) (the brush I call the Swiss army knife of brushes) call the NARS Melrose Flagship store:

****** Ita brush update ****** 5/19/14 The brush is currently sold out again company wide and NARS Melrose is back on a wait list.  I have it on good authority that the store will be one of the first locations to have the brush back in stock and that it will receive a large shipment of them.  Don’t buy the ITA brush on Ebay!  There are so many counterfeit brushes out there and sellers changing outrageous prices!  Call the store, get on the wait list and make sure to have them set aside some of the brand new summer collection for your order as well!!  Shipping is 10.00, or free for orders over 75.00.

******Ita brush update****** 3/7/14 The store still has the brand new Ita in stock and they have called everyone on the wait list so as of today they are shipping out directly after you call in!!!!  The brush launches to the public sometime at the end of March!!

******Ita brush update****** 2/18/14 The Nars store on Melrose is getting brushes in stock and shipping them out on a daily basis.  Shipping is 9.00 and it goes out Fed EX.

******As of 1/31/14 the wait list is over a month long while the store waits to get some more brushes from NARS.  They are doing what they can.  Warning though, if you call and are rude to them it will not help your cause!!  So play nice if you are going to put your name on the wait list.  And they will notify you if a brush comes available!  *******

***As of 1/22/14 you will be wait listed while they scour the globe trying to find more of these so that you can have one!  It’s worth getting on the wait list because that store is most likely going to get any remaining stock!  In order to get on the wait list email the store rather than calling them!!!***

Call the boutique at
(310) 623-1730.  to kindly request that the Ita brush be shipped out to you!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the Melrose store info! I was on the hunt for this brush and almost ordered it from ebay when I stumbled across your blog post. I called the store and while I didn’t ask to speak with any particular person the lady that answered the phone was hands down the most knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, kind, …I could go on and on! I have never experienced such great customer service…and over the phone at that! She took her time and asked me questions…made recommendations and I never felt like she was rushing me off the phone! I am not sure how many they had left, but I am defiantly hanging on to that number for future Nars purchases! Again thank you so much

    • That’s so amazing!!!!! I’m so glad you were able to get the brush!!! I love sharing tips and info especially when it’s for a Holy Grail product! Glad you got amazing service too!!! xoxo

  2. Just got ahold of one also!!! Thank you so much for sharing this information!!! I have been in panic mode trying to hunt one down – I hope it lives up to all of the hype! 🙂

  3. You Rock!! Just got off the phone with Allison and could not stop raving about how awesome it was that you shared this information with us out here. I also have been looking for this brush EVERYWHERE, as well as any dupes, and could not find anything until I stumbled across your post last night (i ended up ordering the Ita and the Yachiyo). There’s a Nars artist that I work with over here I passed the info along to her, she was ecstatic because she took down a list of phone numbers of all her clients who were looking for the brush too. You’ve definitely earned a fan over here and I will following your post and spreading The Glittery Life to all my friends. Thanks again.

  4. I just called and spoke to Allison. Super excited to be getting the Ita brush. Thanks so much for your great post!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I just read this post after SCOURING the global reaches of the internet for the Ita brush! I’m so scared that they will be sold out, but I am going to try calling FIRST thing in the morning tomorrow just in case….fingers crossed, but I’m nervous since its been 3 days since the last person commented saying they got one (I know I sound ridiculous, but this brush is too amazing to pass up!).

    • YAY!!! I think they still have some…I do know they have been flying out of the store ever since I posted about them though! Store opens at 11am!!! Let me know if you get one!!

      • So I called and ordered the brush! I’m just waiting for them to email me so I can authorize payment. When I called (a few min before they opened), and also when she called me back, Phong said that people are calling like crazy today for this brush! Can’t wait to get mine:)) thank you so much for sharing the info with all of us!!

  6. I saw this post last night and I was dying waiting for the store to open since the store is in California it’s 2 hours behind. Phong answered the phone and told me exactly what I needed to know to order the brush and I am beyond excited!!!!!

      • I live in Florida…Do you know if they will ship it? I have been searching for 2 months for this brush!

      • Yep they will ship! They have been shipping them all over the world this week since my post went live! If you buy 2 or more products they will ship for free and the new NARS spring line launched today!! The Multiple is a must have!!!

    • Hi Amanda. How long did it take for you to receive confirmation from the store about your order? I called last night and emailed where they told me to and still haven’t received confirmation so I just want to see if that happened to you too.

  7. I’m so happy I found your blog! I just spoke with Katie and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her and the store. I was able to place the order for the Ita brush! Thank you!!

  8. Just called them and they said that they’ve been getting a lot of request for the brush in the past few days (I wonder why haha) Thanks so much! I also found out they still have some of the One Night Stand palette that I wasn’t able to get during the holidays, YAY!

  9. Thank you for the info! today I drove an hour to the location and picked up 4 !
    It really does the job and takes the guess worj out of contouring. the ladies are all so nice.
    Thank you again!

  10. Found this post via Google search about a week ago but was hesitant on purchasing this brush! Just sent an email out because I’m getting antsy and decided to bite the bullet! They are two hours behind me, so fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing this information 🙂

    • I hope they still have some! When I spoke to the store manager on Tuesday she said they have had such a flood of orders that she expected they would be out of stock by weeks end. Good luck!!!

  11. Hi!!! I’m so glad I saw your blog and I jumped right on ordering the brush despite the fact that I was hesitant about emailing my credit card info to someone I’ve never met but I bit the bullet and did it anyways.. I’m just wondering if anyone else ordered one from the store and how long it took them to ship it? They charged me the day I sent the email but they have not contacted me to let me know anything about it.. Anyone received theirs in the mail yet???

    • Glad you got one, they are almost out. It’s the actual Nars store on Melrose that you sent your CC info to. Google the store. It’s very much real! They are shipping out orders next day and have been having extra staff come in to fill all the orders. 🙂

    • Hello Hayley,
      I had the same concern as you. I emailed my credit card info at night and called the next day to make sure it was received. Phang gave me the FedEx tracking no. which I checked not that long ago. The brush has been shipped out and I should receive it Saturday.

      • I must be one of the unlucky ones because they sent me my tracking information and it says that the label was created on the 14th but they haven’t even given it to fedex so it is still at the store :/ I really hope they get it sent out soon!

  12. Like everyone else.. I have been looking all over the net for this brush. I hope they still have some in stock . Thank you for sharing, I just really hope im not too late.

  13. I e-mailed them yesterday to order 2 of the Nars Ita Brushes and she said they are working on processing orders but my name got put on a wait list so they definitely sold out I’m assuming! Thank you so much for this, I saw Jaclyn Hill’s video on this and fell in loveee.

  14. Thank you so so much I wouldn’t of been able to get this brush without you ! Fedex just came and It felt like christmas all over again ! I’m so excited to play around with it again THANK YOU !

  15. Thank you for being kind enough to share this info with everyone. I called the store on Tuesday the 14th, sent my order to them, and didn’t hear back till Friday the 17th with a fedex confirmation; it will be delivered on Tuesday 21st (surprising because I only live an hour north of LA).I know the delay is because they’ve been flooded with calls/emails about this brush at that store. The girls there were so kind and cheerful and helpful. I’ll definitely do business with them again since their customer service was so great.

    I’m wondering, since this store might be sold out now, if those who are still trying to track down the ita brush might start calling other NARS boutiques in the state/nation to see of they have any? It’s worth a shot.

    • Great! Glad you got one and yes the store was absolutely flooded! They girls said it was insanity! Apparently they are scouring the globe to see if any of the other stores have them so they can start filling the waitlist orders!

  16. Thankyou so south for sharing this info!! I was nervous they’d be sold out as I just contacted the store last week and I just got my fedex shipping confirmation! Thanks so much for helping me find my unicorn!!!!

      • I was told they are hoping to get more in in two weeks and I was put on the list. They were very nice and emailed me back right away from their iPhone, and I emailed early in the morning, I really hope I hear back and I am able to get one *sigh*

  17. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I received my brushes today. Phuong was great and I loved the personalized card attached. Thanks again!

  18. I just called and was put on the wait list. Spoke with Alicia. She said if you order more products and your order is over $50.00 they will waive the shipping fee and you will be bumped up on the wait list because you have other products. Something to keep in mind. She said the phone is ringing like every 5 min. Thank you for sharing the info girl it is very much appreciated 🙂

  19. I just found the ITA brush on Lord and Taylor and bought it, I kid you not I must have gotten the last one because I went right back to get the link for you guys and it’s sold out:(

  20. Thank you so much for the info on this brush! I’ve been searching everywhere for it! My hubby actually purchased it for me for Christmas and when it didn’t show up we went on the hunt. January 14th we got an email saying they cancelled our order! So I got on the waitlist with this store thanks to you on the 17th! Again thank you for sharing. I also started looking for dupes but my hubby’s right, that would probably lead to dissapointment as everyone is saying there isn’t really a good one out there! Take care!

  21. Oh my gosh, thanks so much for this!
    I got a hold of them yesterday and
    they took my information and should
    be getting it soon! One question though..
    is the store charging $39 for it or $55..
    because I got told $55 I believe..

  22. I’ve been calling but can’t get an answer 😦 Im dying for that brush and yeah the “dupes” aren’t doing so good.

    • Keep calling. They open at 11 am central time. They told me today that they are expecting a large number of brushes in next week and I have a pretty good chance getting both the ITA and Yachiyo. Good luck.

  23. They called me back today for me to order over the phone. I can’t wait to get my brushes, in 8-10 business days. $55 for the ITA and $50 for the Yachiyo, total of $114.45 including tax, shipping free.

    • I just happened to be on my laptop early this morning and got the email notification to the comments on this thread…thanks so much for posting this! Just placed my order online!!!! Yay.

  24. Feeling so sad! I saw the brush available 2 days ago on the NARS website… now it’s gone again. BUMMER!

  25. Just ordered it over the phone with the Melbourne store, along with things that I DID NOT NEED! Whoops, lol! Seriously can’t thank you enough! I’ve been searching for probably about 4-6 months now! I know, insanity. The store only has a few left before they must restock! Order ASAP!

  26. Thank you so much for this info! Due to their great customer service, I also purchased more than the brush with them!

  27. Would they ship to michigan?! I’ve been to every store around my area and sooo many websites and I cannot locate the Ita brush anywhere! I want it so bad! Lol please help! 🙂

    • yep!!! they have been shipping all over the world! shipping is 9.00, but they have a promo that if you spend 75.00 you get free shipping!!! Which is so easy to do! LOL, call the store!

  28. Wow, I just ordered the brush and other stuff and they are so nice and fast and no problems, sweet!:) Brush is $55, shippinh Fedex $9, if you spend $75 shipping is free. They said to always check with them if any Nars product is sold out everywhere else. Cool because I almost bought one on ebay for $80.
    Thank you for than info!!:)

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