NARS Summer 2014 Adult Swim collection sneak peaks!!!

Oh summer…how I love you!  I mean…lets be real I live in LA and work in Malibu so summer lasts about 10 months of the year…but to be fair I pretend that we have a winter by wearing boots with tank tops during the “winter” months.  Now even though I don’t dare expose my fair skin to the sun I still love the feelings that come with summer!  I love beach days under my giant straw hat, going for walks at 10 pm because it’s still light out, camping, and living in maxi dresses.  Summer is so inspiring because it’s so full of color and prints and fun!  This new NARS collection feels like everything I love about summer all pressed together in the form of eye shadow!

Here are a few quick snaps of some of the Adult Swim collection!!!


I just might wear the lime green from Tropical Princess everyday from now until Fall!


The new nail polish in Libertango is the perfect compliment to my NARS Timanfaya Satin lip pencil that I can’t get enough of!


Don’t mind me I am just slathering this illuminator all over my body…


Another rose gold shadow pencil….why yes of course I need another one in that color!  Perfect to go with my Naked 3 palette! 

Coming soon…reviews and first impressions!!!

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