Sneak Peak of the brand new NARS limited edition Lip and Nail sets!!!!

These 3 new sets are so fun and beautiful!!! This will be a great way to get your hands on some Iconic NARS colors!
And Maitrese the set featuring Jungle Red is exclusive to the NARS boutiques!!! All 3 of these beauties launch in the boutiques Aug 1st!!!
Call The NARS Melrose store to get on the list so you don’t miss out on these limited edition trios!!!! Shipping is free with orders over 75.00 (except international, but they gladly ship over seas!)
NARS Melrose open (11-7)
(310) 623-1730


  1. Hi hi; does the NARS melrose ship purchases internationally? Is there anyone there i can get in touch with, with regards to this?

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