How to De-pot your MAC lipsticks into Pro palettes!!!

This is a great little tip for those of you building a makeup artist pro kit or for those of you with a lip stick obsession!  It’s the perfect solution for travel and de-cluttering you lipstick drawer!!!


  1. This inspired me to clean up what I have and get more use out of the makeup I rarely see. So I have a question. I was thinking about picking up the mac pro palettes for eyeshadows and pans to fill with my mac lipsticks. I wondered how easily the pans are to get in and out of the palette. I like to take my lipstick with me and thought instead of digging out the actual lipstick or toting around a large palettes I could pop out the pan from the pro palette and pop it in a smaller 2 pan tray for the day and toss that in my purse. Are the eyeshadow pans easy to pop in and out? Love the videos!!

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