Custom Cover Drops from Cover FX!!!!


I love when brands are inventive and ground breaking with their products!  When I saw that Cover FX was releasing a product that is pure pigment and can turn many of the products we use on a daily basis into a foundation and we can control the coverage and finish my jaw about hit the floor!

I mean…have you ever heard of such a product?  I haven’t and I’ve been in the beauty industry for a long time!

CCD Soldier Shot

Here is what Cover FX says about the new Custom Cover Drops :

With a few steps you can create your ideal coverage from sheer to full coverage. They allow you to add coverage to anything. Tint your own moisturizer, serums, oils, primers and foundations.

Controlling your coverage is simple!

1 drop = sheer

2 Drops =medium

3 drops = full

4 drops =total coverage

Here is a short video from my Youtube channel talking all about this amazing new beauty product!

Here is where you can find Cover FX and use the special 50% off promo code on a primer when you buy the custom cover drops!

Use code ‘DROPLOVE’ to receive 50% off a Cover FX primer of your choice when you purchase a Custom Cover Drop.
Applies to and Valid today through May 31, 2015.

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One comment

  1. if you were going to add these to your kit what shades would you purchase. I am looking at adding them to my pro kit. Like would I be able to just get P20, P50, N10, N50, G20, G50 and then custom mix shades? would you suggest a different combo?

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