Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops Review


I have tried all 4 of the formulas and because of my skin type and skin needs have found the Calming on to be the right fit for me, but I also use the anti-aging drops.
All four of them did what they said they will do and in my testing lived up to their claims.
All of these drops add an extra boost of essential oils and vitamins to whatever products you’re already using. You can add these to your moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, foundation or Custom Cover Drops. They address 4 major skin issues/concerns so it’s important that you select drops for a specific purpose.

My skin is sensitive and prone to redness and irritation and the combination of Vitamin E and soothing Chamomile has been a win for me. I’ve noticed that the redness in my face after a hot shower calms down faster that normal when I add 1-2 drops to my moisturizer. I’ve added these to just about any face product I apply in the morning and like it across the board. For practical purposes I tend to just default to adding them to my moisturizer.

They do have a distinct fragrance but it’n not fake or synthetic smelling, but if you are scent sensitive then smell them in person first to make sure it won’t bother you. The Jasmine/ anti-aging is the strongest to me but the scent dissipates quickly.


I have a full video review of all 4 on my youtube channel: aglitterylife

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