Swatches of the best Natasha Denona blush shades for fair skin!

OK so here we are six Natasha Denona blush swatch posts later and I am finally revealing my top picks for those of us with fair-light skin tones!  I feel like I am about to finish a marathon.   You may be wondering why I did so many posts and why I didn’t just do one very long post…at this point I am wondering the same thing!  LOL  But I wanted to create a helpful swatch tool for everyone!  We are all looking for our perfect blush shade(s).  But we are all so different so I’ve broken them up into all these categories in attempt to create something easy to use and resource!  Leave me a comment and let me know if it’s been helpful!  Additionally any chance you have to share these posts on Pinterest, your blog or other Social Media outlets is incredibly helpful!  So thank you!

The full Natasha Denona line is now available at Beautylish and with their fantastic customer service and lightning fast shipping you will be a Beautylish fan for life!  In numerical order here are my blush picks for you!

Shade #1 Toutou includes shade #18 Renee’s Pastel Pink (Matte) and shade #02 Toutou (Shimmer).  This shade is designed for the very fair skin tones.

Natasha Denona Blush Duo shade 01 Natasha Denona Blush Duo shade01

Shade #2 Light Antique Rose includes shade #18 Renee’s Pastel Pink (Matte) and shade #12 Light Antique Rose (Shimmer).  This shade is the most universally wearable of the pink duos.

Natasha Denona shade 02 Natasha Denona shade02

Shade #4 Pink includes shade #18 Renee’s Pastel Pink (Matte) and shade #19 Pink (Shimmer).  This duo is the coolest and the more blue toned out of the 5 pink duos.

NAtasha Denona Blush Duo shade 04 Natasha Denona Blush Duo shade04

Shade #8 Peach includes shade #02 Toutou (Shimmer) and shade #03 Peach (Shimmer)

Natasha Denona shade 08 Natasha Denona Blush DuoNatasha Denona Blush Duo shade08

Shade #10 Sheer Peachy Nude includes shade #02 Toutou (Shimmer) and shade #05 Sheer Peachy Nude (Shimmer)

Natasha Denona shade 10 Natasha Denona Blush Duo shade10

Shade #14 Golden Coral includes shade #02 Toutou (Shimmer) and shade and shade #09 Golden Coral

Natasha Denona shade 14 Natasha Denona Blush Duo shade14

And my personal favorite of the whole lot is shade #15 Sheer Nude includes shade #02 Toutou (Shimmer) and shade #10 Sheer Nude (Shimmer).  I’ve been wearing this non stop since I purchased it at LA IMATS!

Natasha Denona shade 15 shade15


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