Make-up Atelier Paris eye shadow palette T19 Wood Pink swatches

Happy Summer everyone!  I am so excited about this new to the US makeup company I just found.  They are based in Paris and are a professional level brand.  I picked up four of their shadow palettes from Beautylish a few weeks ago and have been loving them!

“Our Eyeshadows are formulated with silicone coated talc, the eyeshadow provides a long-lasting make-up, resistant to water, tears and perspiration. The Intense colors are highly pigmented.”

I wanted to provide swatches because it’s hard to tell when you order what they look like.  Here is palette T19 Wood Pink, which is an all matte palette.  It’s so hard to find good smooth pigmented matte pinks and these are all incredible.  They do have an unusual texture but the perform like any great high end shadow!

IMG_8628 2

You can watch my full review of these palettes here:


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