Make-up Atelier T-18 Amazon Tones swatches


I still remember hearing Wayne Goss talk about these eye shadows and how amazing they are, and how frustrated I was that they were so difficult to get a hold of.  Needless to say when I found out they would be launching on Beautylish I was overjoyed!!

Today’s swatches are for Palette T-18 Amazon Tones:

This palette leans on the cool side and gives you some options with it’s mix of jewel and earth tones.  Several of the shades are on the sheer but buildable side, with 2 being very opaque.  This palette doesn’t have any matte shadows, so in my opinion it would be difficult to use it as a stand alone palette, but it includes some gorgeous shades that compliment green, brown and hazel eyes.

Out of the four palettes I bought this was my least favorite.  I felt like every look I created was muddy and patchy.  As I mentioned it’s not a stand alone palette for me but does include some shades that are pretty when incorporated with some other looks.




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