The one eye shadow palette you need for fall!

Here we are half way through September and most of you are sipping something PSL flavored watching the leaves turn brilliant shades of yellow and orange.  While I’m here in LA eating a Popsicle and wondering if we will ever get a break from this heat wave!

But it’s still fall nonetheless!  And one of my favorite things to wear during fall is warm tones on the eyes.  There is a lot of eye shadow out there to choose from, but I think the best palette on the market right now that perfectly encapsulates fall is the #4 Palette from Natasha Denona.

Natasha Denona #4 eyeshadow palette



Aura, Cool Bronze Oxide and Moonstone are all Metallic shadows and Cool Plum is a beautiful transition shade to soften the metallic edge.

A capsule collection of items from Natasha’s line recently launched online at and this shadow quint is part of that launch.  Additionally they are available on which remains my favorite place to shop.  Their customer service and lightning fast shipping make it hands down the best customer experience I have ever had.  Over and over and over again!



  1. This was the first 5 palette I bought… I like it but I need a primer not to emphasize the texture of my skin. My favorite is #9!!! Could you please swatch the lip colors? No one talks about the listicks but I saw very unique colors! Very intrigued by those.There are no swatches online thought… Thanks for your post! 🙂

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