MAC Cosmetics Selena Collection

MAC Selena Collection

I can’t remember a time in the last 20 years that MAC launched a collection that everyone knew would sell out in minutes.  The Selena Collection was created as a result of fans petitioning MAC for it.  MAC collabed with her family to recreate what was in her makeup bag and they came up with a sweet little collection that paid tribute to her beautifully.  Since Selena was murdered in the mid 90’s the tribute collection is a nod to 90’s inspired makeup trends.

As a makeup junkie and collector I just wanted something from the collection.  I knew I didn’t need the whole collection and would rather leave that for the die hard Selena fans.  So I picked up two lipsticks.  One for myself and one for my roomie.  Since I was only allowed to buy one of each I opted for Amor Prohibido for myself since my roomie was dying for Dreaming of you.

It’s one of the only times I can think of that a product has felt to special to use.  I can’t even bring myself to swatch it.  What about you?  Did you pick up anything from the collection?  I can’t believe how fast it sold out and how many people camped out in mall parking lots to get it.

Amor Prohibido lipstick from MAC Selena

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