NARS Matte Multiples Swatches and Pictures

I am so excited about the brand new NARS Matte Multiples that are launching in stores today!!!  They are so beautiful and versatile!!  I’m already a huge multiple fan but having the formula as a matte suits my everyday look so well!  The colors are lip and cheek perfection and the bronze shades will make contouring a dream!!  Look how pretty they are!  The color pay off is strong and the consistency is so creamy and pigmented.  I also like that for a matte formula it’s really non drying!!!

To Order these from the NARS Melrose store:

Call the boutique at
(310) 623-1730.


The cheek and lip colors!!! (Left to Right, top to bottom)

Siam, Laos, Anguilla, Exumas



(Left to Right)

Altai, Vientiane, Cappadoce


(Top to Bottom)

Anguilla, Laos, Exumas, Siam, Altai, Vientiane, Cappadoce


Exumas, Siam, Altai


Anguilla, Laos, Exumas


Siam, Altai, Vientiane, Cappadoce


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